Thursday, June 14, 2012

Interview with horst35

First of all, thanks to horst35 for agreeing to the interview.

Three years have passed since the last entry. Though several things did happen during this period of time, there wasn't a compelling reason to update.

Recently, horst35 completed all the 299 challenges. And so came the impetus for a new entry.

[interview begin]

Let me begin by stating that I don't particularly like the idea of unnecessarily bloated exhibition of character. In the challengesphere, too much attention is sometimes paid to individual egos and I don't want to encourage this kind of attitude, prone to being fertile grounds for arrogance and ignorance.

How did you discover Rankk?
By word-of-mouth transmission from skraeling.

Why horst35?
Names are just names... 

Which challenge did you like most at Rankk and why?
Too many ingenious ones to name a single. In no particular order: Read the signs, Disguise, Signal to noise, Rotten, Incipit Matthaeus, The Sphinx crypto, Wildlife, Letterboxes, Time for church, Exorcism, Did I mension?, Fragmentary, Dice Rolls, Jackpot, Play fair dude, Fences, M13, ..., and most recently Blimp.

Name one challenger you admire most at Rankk. Why?
Shortbreak for his perseverance.

Do you play other challenge sites?

How did it feel like to have completed all the challenges? The remark "Now I can die in peace" sounds... interesting.
As one grows older, one feels the grave coming closer. It feels good to have finished at least one of the things you've started.

What is your favourite food?
Erythropoietin, nerve growth factor, and other neurotrophins.

[/interview end]